Booster Spray for Anti Aging

We all desire beautiful skin, sans the blemishes, but we hardly put in the extra effort (guilty as charged). In our day-to-day life filled with chaos and to-do-lists, who has the time to visit the salon and pamper your skin, right?

Most of us don’t even take out 20 minutes from our routine to cleanse our skin, let alone intensive skin care. But what we don’t realise is that most skin-types need a regular face clean up for that healthy, radiant look. Note: It’s time to take care of your skin by acing the basics. After all, your face is what gives you away when you are excited, happy or stressed.

Whether you are blessed with clear skin or constantly battle acne, oil or redness, a proper skincare routine is necessary to ensure the health of your face.

Facial skin should be cleansed every morning and evening, along with any time your face becomes dirty or sweaty. Although you may choose to use additional non chemical skincare products, the three main MNK products include cleanser, booster spray and spf day cream. Once you understand how to properly cleanse, tone and moisturize facial skin, the routine should only take you a few minutes per day.

We bring you a step-by-step guide to get flawless skin at home in no time.

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