Amazing results with MNK Booster Spray


This MNK Collagen Booster Spray prevents the signs of aging. Cutting edge technology rejuvenates and revitalises all skin types. Clinically proven to smooth and plump out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Combining 100% pure collagen and nano white technology. The deeply potent active ingredients recapture vitality and deliver an instant facial. Pure Collagen Spray effectively and quickly provides an immediate solution for aging tired or environmentally damaged skin and those seeking an instant lift.

✔ Tighten and Uplifting
✔ Brighten and correct uneven or dull skin
✔ Promotes radiance and glow from within.
✔ Minimizes pores on the face
✔ Gets rid of fine lines and wrinkles significantly
✔ Provides skin moisture for up to 48 hours
✔ Treats and removes pigmentation permanently without peeling
✔ Treats all types of acne (comedonal, inflammatory and cystic) from the inside. Acnes shrink in less than 24hours
✔ Refreshes the skin
✔ Sets makeup longer on the face (to be sprayed before & after makeup)
✔ Smoother and firmer skin

✅Formulated from Korea
✅Dermatologist- tested
✅For all skin types
✅Approved by KKM(NOT15092354K)
✅HSA Notified
✅100% Free from Chemical
✅Suitable for Men & Women

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