MNK Magique Skinz Face cream with SPF 35

Glowy beautiful skin ❤️

· Protects the skin from harmful UV exposure that causes wrinkles & sunspots
· Enriched Vitamin C and Vitamin E for healthy skin
· Smooth and moisturizing texture – blends in skin and gives you a sense of comfort
· Brightens & makes the skin more supple
· Moisturize the skin
· Wudhu friendly
· Non cakey and natural glowing
· Fades pigmentation and acne scars
· Reduces the dark circles under the eyes
· Hold up to 12 hours
· Can be used as a makeup base
· Make dull skin re-glowing (glowing)
· Non sticky and greasy
· Suitable for all skin types
· KKM Approved
· HSA Notified

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