Look 10 years younger with MNK Magique Skinz Booster Spray

9AA07A16-DF43-4B52-8848-921EDDC500ED.jpegEverything gets better with MNK Magique Skinz Collagen Booster Spray ❤️❤️❤️

* Tightens and Uplifting
* Brightens and corrects uneven or dull skin
* Promotes radiance and glow from within
* Minimizes pores on the face
* Gets rid of fine lines and wrinkles significantly
* Provides skin moisture for up to 48 hours
* Treats and removes pigmentation permanently without peeling
* Treats all types of acne (comedonal, inflammatory and cystic) from the inside. Acnes shrink in less than 24hours
* Refreshes the skin
* Sets makeup longer on the face (to be sprayed before & after makeup)
* Smoother and firmer skin

✅Formulated from Korea
✅Dermatologist- tested
✅For all skin types
✅Approved by KKM(NOT15092354K)
✅HSA Notified
✅100% Free from Chemical

You have to apply to believe it!

For product queries, connect with me on FB sahidahkim
IG sahidahmusa


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